Enjoy the Special Features in our Hotel & Restaurant with its Long Tradition!

Our Restaurant in Glottertal greets you with a soothing calmness and captivates you with attentive service and charm

When a restaurant has been in the hands of one family for almost 100 years, then hospitality has become a matter of the heart over the generations. Our guests are consistently thrilled with our distinctive charm and with many an endearing tradition here in our half-timbered hotel and restaurant in Glottertal.

Where the boss is in the kitchen pampering the guests...

Of course, much has changed over the years in our restaurant & hotel! Our mill has not ground grain for the lords of the house of Winterbach for many years... But the Mack-Gutmann family and their team are still just as active today. The hotel director himself cooks while his wife looks after all that is necessary to ensure the satisfaction and well-being of the guests in our restaurant in Glottertal.

Savor the feeling of being completely cared for in our restaurant and hotel in Glottertal

Our Black Forest restaurant Schlossmühle has been around for 60 years and the hotel for 30. A soothing relaxed quality is inherent in these old walls, and is reflected upon our daily work – and it ensures that our guests in the restaurant and hotel benefit from it.  We leave hustle and bustle at the door... but the guests in our hotel in Glottertal don't have to forego excellent service and the prompt fulfillment of their wishes.

When your personal celebrations become very special memories...

Be our guest: For lunch or dinner, as a day guest or an overnight guest. Enjoy the beautiful valley in the Black Forest, the region & the enchanting landscape.  We will be happy to host your private event or business function in our half-timber hotel. Book now  – and then look forward to beautiful hours or days in our restaurant in Glottertal!